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Lead Flashing

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Lead Flashing from ARC Roofing Supplies. High quality milled lead delivered nationwide, backed up by a professional service.

Key Benefits of ARC Lead Flashing:

  • Low cost / high quality service provide you with the potential to save costs and increase profit margins without sacrificing performance or quality.

  • Improve your cash-flow by using rapid despatch to order mixed pallets for next day delivery.

  • Provide peace of mind for installer and client alike, with full CE certification which meets current building regulations.

  • Professional advice and customer support to support you and the end user on phone or on site as necessary.

Milled Lead Flashing for Roofing:
Highest quality milled lead roll produced to BSEN 12588. Unlike other forms of lead manufacture this process ensures that the thickness of your lead roll does not vary by any more than +/- 5%. (Critical when you consider code 4 lead thickness is just 1.80 mm).
Lead helps you protect your building against the weather. It provides a long lasting barrier to rain, snow and water ingress. Lead sheet can be used to safely channel water across your roof through the use of lead valleys, parapets, soakers and gutters. Elsewhere lead flashings are used to create watertight barriers over joints, around chimneys, over dormer windows and against other roof abutments.
Lead sheet is also a beautiful weatherproofing layer in its own right. Due to the conservative nature of lead, it is equally suitable for use on modern or heritage properties.
Highly resistant to corrosion, lead outlasts almost all other roofing materials, often lasting the lifetime of your roof. UV light and other weathering exposure does not readily degrade the lead. Code lead once installed requires very little maintenance or repair.
Milled lead offers you many benefits over alternative flashing materials. It is easy to cut, extremely malleable and does not require the use of complex tools, adhesives or fixings. Unlike other manufactured products, lead installation can be made in wet and cold conditions. Lead also has the benefit of being able to be used to cover porous materials such as wood and masonry without significant preparation.
Lead flashing is a sustainable product. It is fully recyclable without the use of high energy or obscure recycling methods.
To ensure we provide you with the keenest rates our lead prices are reviewed on a daily basis.
Lead Flashing Codes:
ARC Roofing Supplies all lead flashing (codes 3 to 8).


Code 3 Lead Flashing

All sizes of Code 3 Lead Flashing 3m and 6m rolls. Bulk orders delivered without fuss.