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Climateq POP 100 Breather Membrane

Climateq POP 100 is a very economical standard grade high vapour-permeable breather membrane that outperforms many other membranes within its class. POP 100 offers exceptional strength and tear resistance in relation to its weight. Climateq POP 100 is suitable for use in most pitched roof applications including cold and warm roofs.

Climateq POP 100 Key Benefits:
Increase profit margins without sacrificing performance or quality.
Deliver a competitive edge by enabling the client to save money and reduces waste through utilising the range of 75, 50 and 25m2 rolls.
BBA / CE Certification deliver Building Regulations Compliance and provide total peace of mind for installer and client alike.
Uniform structure of material across the roll means no more areas of leakage or compromised performance.
Installation and long life satisfaction as a result of the membranes strong strength and tear resistance.
Next day delivery and option to order mixed pallets improves your cash flow and reduces out of stocks.

Key Performance Data:

  • Weight: 100 g/m2.

  • 3 layer system featuring spun-bond technology sandwiching central functional layer.

  • Tensile strength (N/5cm): 220(l) / 130(w).

  • Water vapour transmission (Sd): 0.02.

  • Resistance to water penetration: Class W1.

  • UV resistance: 3 months.

  • Resistance to air penetration (m3/(m2xhx50Pa)): ≤ 0,02.

  • Roll Dimensions: 50x1.5m, 50x1m, 25x1m.

  • Wind uplift for 250 mm batten gauge with batten restrained lap: Zone 1 to 5.

  • Wind uplift for 345 mm batten gauge with taped laps: Zone 1 to 5.

Suitable Applications:
Climateq POP 100 Breather Membrane is designed for use in cold and warm pitched roof construction. It may be laid on batten, fully supported roofs and directly onto thermal PIR insulation. Climateq POP 100 may also be used as wind shielding for stud walls in timber frame construction.

Climateq POP 100 Declaration of Performance.

Climateq POP 100 Technical Data Sheet.